Day 17 of 31 - 10k Everyday Challenge

Got out on the road again this morning which was a fantastic change to the week spent on the treadmill. Really enjoyed the run on a beautiful winters day, extremely cold but very fresh and bright morning, followed the start to my usual route but then broke off to run along the river.

Really nice run and I think the time reflected that, 47.14.

Day 16 of 31 - 10k Everyday Challenge

Another very boring run today on the treadmill, good news though that the calf strain has now gone and back to almost full fitness.

Time for today was a more encouraging 52.03

Day 15 of 31 - 10k Everyday Challenge

So today's run saw me almost halfway through the challenge. Again I left it much later in the afternoon to complete the run to give my aching calf more time to recover and again I opted for the treadmill just in case it actually went on me 5km into a run. The last think I wanted was to be left stranded a long way from home in this freeing weather.

Fortunately the massage has worked wonders and my leg feels much better, time for the 10km today was a leisurley 55.12.

Day 14 of 31 - 10k Everyday Challenge

This morning I visited a sports massage therapist in Leeds as the strain to the calf is just not shifting itself. As I am very new to the area, I didn't have any recommendations for this sort of thing so simply googled it and arrived at Jim Mason Sports Massage. Jim was fantastic and very quickly got to the core of the issue which left me in near tears, he also reassured me that it was not serious and that I could continue exercising and with the challenge. It just required a little more stretching and manipulation from Jim to relieve the knots in the extremely tight muscle, this was caused by the increased mileage after not running that frequently.

I left it to this evening to attempt a very timid 10km on the treadmill as after the sports massage my leg was in some discomfort, in Jim's own words "You will leave here feeling as if a dog has bitten your leg off".

Time for today's run was 55.17. I am hoping the pain will have subsided by tomorrow.

Day 13 of 31 - 10k Everyday Challenge

Back into the gym again today, still having a few issues with the calf strain. I am not usually one to stretch before running, I know there are two very distinct camps when it comes to this topic, those who religiously stretch before all runs and those who think it is more beneficial not to.

I will only tend to stretch before an event, usually a half or full marathon. That said, now that I have picked up this strain I am trying to stretch both calves as much as possible to try and relieve some of the tension.

Time for the treadmill 10km today 54.31.

Day 12 of 31 - 10k Everyday Challenge

Carrying a slight injury to the calf, I took it very easy on the treadmill today, cautious not to aggravate it further.

Time for the 10km today was 53.52

Day 11 of 31 - 10k Everyday Challenge

For 5km of today's run I had a companion, my friend Cleal joined me for the Bramhall parkrun and we had an extremely leisurely jog around the very muddy parkrun route, along with another 300 people.

I then continued for a further 5km replicating part of last nights route back around Bramhall. 

It wasn't until I stopped running that I realised that I had a slight strain in the lower calf muscle of my right leg. This is an injury that I have encountered before, many years ago in Singapore when I was training for a 100km ultra marathon. It was serious enough at the time that it meant I could not run for a month and had to pull out of the Great Wall of China Marathon. So I am a little concerned at this point, time for the full 10km today was 1.05.14.